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Who we are

Kriips Technologies (P) Ltd is a SaaS solution provider based out of India. We aim to blur the lines between physical and digital shopping.

Kriips creates breakthrough products to bring about a change in the way people shop and local stores sell. It is a digital platform where local businesses meet their existing and prospective customers. It brings consumers the convenience of online shopping through their local trusted stores. Kriips helps businesses to host their virtual store, roll out their product catalogue and reach more customers at zero setup cost.

Kriips is backed up by a team of seasoned professionals with immense experience in retail, Software as a service (SaaS), automation, customer relationship management (CRM) and cloud technology. They aim to conceptualise and materialise innovative solutions for customers and businesses. The team foresee to optimize the balance between e-commerce and traditional retail business, leveraging on digital technologies.

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What we do

We help consumers and businesses experience a change through our pioneering shopping platform - Kriips.

It is not “yet another e-commerce application” or online marketplace where you buy products from different brands or sellers. But Kriips is the digital twin of the way you do in-store shopping. It gives customers the same shopping experience they get while visiting a brick and mortar store. Kriips will bring back the personal touch in the purchase, quality pricing and experience while shopping from a local trusted store.

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For businesses, Kriips is a platform to provide services locally and help them get more business, both retail and wholesale. It also helps the retailers in making informed decisions that can help them in improved sales. Kriips is a business enablement solution. Local businesses can host their virtual store on Kriips and launch an online presence. It enables them with digital solutions like an app for salespersons responding to enquires & ordermanagement. Kriips strengthens the sales team’s performance to build and retain long-term customer relationships.

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How we do

Kriips supports local businesses by streamlining consumers on to a platform where the shoppers can enjoy the benefits of online shopping from their trusted nearby stores.

For consumers, visiting a local independent store might not be the easiest or the most convenient option. Leveraging Kriips, consumers can reach those local stores virtually through a safe and secure platform. We aim to meet the growing customer expectations and the business need for digital transformation. We work together with the local businesses to make a difference in the way they do business and share the success.