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Your neighbourhood stores are just a few taps away from your mobile phone. When you shop online, you will want to buy from a store that you are familiar with. Now do shopping straight from your local trusted shop on Kriips. It helps you to have an immersive shopping experience without physically visiting the store.

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Broadcast your enquiries to compare the prices from several sellers and grab the best deal. If you want to purchase an item, broadcast it on Kriips. You will get the list of local stores that sell the item and quotes from each store. You can also have a sneak peek of similar items on Kriips and get their quotes on request. It will help you to make an informed decision about the purchase.

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Negotiate with Stores!

Place the order, get quotes from multiple stores, negotiate and enjoy the best buy. On Kriips, it is as simple as texting your buddy. You need not dial a phone number, or press button after button to talk to the salesperson. Its in-app instant messaging system gives you the same experience of consulting the salesman while visiting a store. You can also find your trusted local store and do your regular shopping with your compiled shopping list via Kriips. Search by stores, select your trusted shop, share your shopping list and get it delivered or ready-to-pick in-store at your convenience.

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Shop from the best among multiple local stores, all available on one app. Now you need not shop around online to buy your favourite items, everything is available within your reach on one single app - Kriips. It avoids the hassles of browsing through multiple websites and native applications of different stores and brands. Simply proceed with using the app and get your shopping done within a jiffy.

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Get personalized attention from sales staff and enjoy less compulsive shopping. Kriips gives you another chance to negotiate with your trusted local store and get a good deal. You can share the best quote received from other stores and bargain for a better deal. Resolve your purchase-related queries answered on the spot and escape from pushy salespersons who confuse you.